• I have never owned a business, but am interested in looking at opportunities. How do I begin my search?
    • The "Business Opportunities" link on the page will give you a listing of businesses that are currently available for sale. Also every community has businesses that are available but the owners have not made it public. If you are interested in a type of business, but do not see it listed, please email us or call Sandie Fischer at 402-564-2769.
  • I would like to have my own business but I don’t know what education I need to have to start one. Who do I contact?
    • Contact Doris Lux at Central Community College. They have many classes that cover: Do I have what it takes to be in business?; How do I write a business plan?; How do I determine what business is right for me?; Do I need a lawyer?; How should I market my product?; How can I get financing? Call 402-564-7132 or www.cccneb.com
  • What information do I need to know about locating my business and how do I find this information?
    • To determine what information you need to know, contact Central Community College and enroll in their business courses. Also, much of the information regarding city demographics, traffic flow, etc. can be found on this web site.
  • Is there a person I can talk to about businesses for sale and financing?
    • This web site list realtors and banking institutions that can assist you with this information.