About Us

Columbus Area Business Opportunities web site was commissioned by the Home Town Competitiveness (HTC) organization as a part of the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce. HTC’s thrust is to develop an entrepreneurial city...a city that not only prides itself on "Power & Progress" towards business development, but also supports new, existing and growing businesses at all levels.

Your future success is enhanced by the synergy of Central Community College's excellent educational programs, the realtors of Columbus in identifying opportunities, and the Columbus Chamber of Commerce acting as a catalyst for your business success.

2011-2012 Board of Directors/Program of Work

Business Development Division – Division Chair - Bob Elsasser

Entrepreneurship Task Force - Chair - Scott Mueller

The task force is made up of selected key individuals pursuing retail & commercial development in the Columbus area.
  • The 2011 Plan of Work Includes:
    • *Establish training for entrepreneurs in response to entrepreneur survey
    • *Financially support Central Community College effort to establish an entrepreneurship incubator
    • *Pursuing all leads for retail, service, or commercial businesses
    • *Maintain a retail prospect list/franchise opportunities
    • *Review current E-ship website and marketing plan for the website
    Entrepreneurship Task Force
    Scott MuellerSamson, Inc.Business owner
    K.C. BelitzChamber of CommercePresident
    Sandie FischerChamber of CommerceRetail Membership Developer
    Joe MangiamelliCity of ColumbusAdministrator
    Dr. Matt GotschallCentral Community CollegePresident
    Doris LuxCentral Community CollegeBusiness Instructor
    Jeff GokieC.S. Nelson RealtyReal Estate Agent
    Rick ChelohaLoup Power DistrictSupervisor
    Juan SandovalREAPDirector
    Mickie Senften ThorpePlanner/Facilitator/MarketingBusiness owner
    Neal SuessLoup Power DistrictCEO

    Home Town Competitiveness (HTC) is a comprehensive approach to long-term rural community sustainability. This approach goes beyond the traditional tunnel vision of economic development. HTC helps the community to focus on four interrelated strategies that depend on each other for ultimate success.

    The four strategic areas of HTC are:
    • Developing Leadership
    • Energizing Entrepreneurs
    • Engaging Youth
    • Charitable Giving
    The Columbus HTC committee’s two major thrust is business succession planning and business development. We are currently holding continuous seminars for business succession planning as well as addressing new entrepreneurers need for ease of information in education, business identification, location, and business development. We want to provide tools and training to help businesses thrive.

    Our goal is to get you to start your business in Columbus Nebraska based on helpfulness and ease of starting your business and provide you with the best chance of success in the business arena!

    If you do not find what you are looking for on this web site regarding help in starting and running a business, please fill free to e-mail us at chamber@megavision.com

    Columbus HTC Mission Statement:
    To establish a base process for the Columbus area which promotes and grows culture that facilitates growth and vitality of large and small businesses.